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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney also known as Notaries Act: are those in which an individual or a institution known as  (PODERDANTE) entrusts  another individual o institution known as (APODERADO) to represent them in any civil act that the PODERDANTE requires to be done before any institution in the Dominican Republic.
The documents required by the Consulate in order to submit an application for a POA:
1. Copy of ID of the PODERDANTE (passport, drivers license, cedula de identidad y electoral) *
2. Copy of ID of the APODERADO (passport, drivers license, cedula de identidad y electoral)  
3. Rough draft of POA in Spanish of the matters in to be handled in the Dom. Rep., 
4. In case these matters refer to a land, property or a bank account in the Dom. Rep. it is indispensable to present ownership on behalf of the PODERDANTE.
5. Fill out the form (click here) for the application of a POA.
6. A money order payable to the Dominican Consulate in CA for the amount of U$175.00.
7. A prepaid envelope (FEDEX, USPS, DHL) where we will send back the final draft of the POA
1. Our consulate office might ask for additional documents, information or IDs, in some cases, in order to prepare the POA. Also we might ask for a rough draft which has to include the signature of the PODERDANTE notarized.
2. Also we reserve the right to NOT DO the POA in cases we feel the individual o institution has wrongful or misguided intentions.
3. In case you have any questions or need other types of POAs you can always call our offices to set up an appointment.
*ID must have the signature visible of the PODERDANTE 

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