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Application for Dual Citizenship


1.    Copy of Dominican parent’s Cédula and passport

2.    Original Birth Certificate

  • The original birth certificate must have the Apostille of the Secretary of State from the state in which the son or daughter of the Dominican citizen was born


1.     Translation and legalization of original Birth Certificate         

2.     Legalization of Birth Certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Relations (Cancillería)

3.     Document filing to the Junta Central Electoral           
4.     Certificate transcription at Clerk’s Office (Oficialía)

5.     Issuance of Extended Birth Certificate                                                   

6.     Birth Certificate legalization by the Central Office of Vital Records

7.     Payment to complete all processes (lawyer)          
8.     Send documents from the Dominican Republic to the Consulate (vía FEDEX or similar courier)

Total Costs: $500.00

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